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    1. 1 - The Alphabet, 2 - Spelling ¿Cómo se escribe?, 3 - Countries and Nationalities, 4 - The verb to be, How to use it in Spanish (Ser y Usos del Verbo Ser).

    1. 1- Objects in the classroom, 2- Gender masculine and Feminine, 3 - Plural nouns, 4- The Colours, 5 - The definite article.

    1. 1 - Professions. ¿A qué te dedicas? (What do you do?). , 2 - Numbers from 0 to 103.

    1. 1 - Present tense in Spanish, 2 - Your daily routine, 3 - The verb to have.

    1. Unidad 6 - Final Test Level Beginner A1.1 (Get your certificate)

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  • 9 lessons
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