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What are you going to learn in your Spanish Course?

Your Spanish course is devided into three modules: Beginners A1.1, Beginner A1.2 and Beginner A1.3

Module I - Beginner A1.1


Unidad 1 - Introduce Yourself

  • ¡Hola! Me llamo... (Introduce yourself)
  • Greetings
  • Personal pronouns

Unidad 2 - The Alphabet

  • The Alphabet
  • Spelling ¿Cómo se escribe?
  • Countries and Nationalities
  • The verb to be (Ser y Usos del Verbo Ser)

Unidad 3 - My Classroom

  • Objects in the classroom
  • Gender (masculine and feminine)
  • Plural nouns
  • The colors
  • The definite article

Unidad 4 - Professions

  • Professions ¿A qué te dedicas?
  • Numbers from 0 to 10

Unidad 5 - Present Simple Tense in Spanish

  • Present tense in Spanish
  • Your daily routine
  • The verb to have.

Unidad 6 - Final Test Level Beginner A1.1

  • Get your certificate.

Module II - Beginner A1.2


Unidad 1 - Places in Your Neighborhood

  • Exploring the City: Vocabulary and Expressions for Describing Places in Spanish

Unidad 2 - Describing Your House in Spanish

  • Objects in your house in Spanish

Unidad 3 - Talking About the Time - ¿Qué hora es?

  • Talking about the time - ¿Qué hora es?

Unidad 4 - Days of the Week and Reflexive Verbs

  • Days of the week
  • Reflexive verbs

Unidad 5 - Conjugation of Reflexive Verbs in Spanish: Levantarse, Acostarse and Despertarse

  • Present tense of reflexive verbs: Levantarse, Acostarse and Despertarse

Unidad 6 - My Daily Routine - Mi Rutina Diaria

  • My daily routine - Mi rutina diaria

Unidad 7 - Preposition of Place - Preposiciones de Lugar

  • Preposition of place - Preposiciones de lugar - ¿Dónde está el gatito?

Unidad 8 - The Verbs: Gustar, Encantar, Interesar, Importar, Doler, and Parecer

  • The verbs: Gustar, Encantar, Interesar, Importar, Doler, and Parecer

Unidad 9 - Final Quiz Beginner A1.2


Module III - Beginner A1.3


Unidad 1 - Describe tu casa / Describe Your Home

  • Choose the right answer.

Unidad 2 - Los verbos gustar y encantar / The verbs like and love (really like).

  • Choose the right answer.

Unidad 3 - Pretérito Indefinido en español, verbos regulares / Past tense in Spanish, regulares verbs.

  • Choose the correct answer.

Unidad 4 - Pretérito Indefinido en español, verbos irregulares. / Past simple in Spanish, irregular verbs

  • Choose the correct answer.

Unidad 5 - Como describir tu rutina diaria en español, verbos reflexivos. / How to describe your daily routine in Spanish, reflexive verbs.

  • Choose the correct answer.

Unidad 6 - Pretérito perfecto simple, verbos regulares e irregulares. / Present perfect simple, regular, and irregular verbs.

  • Choose the correct answer.

End of Course


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    No, you won’t need to – all the material is included in the course, but I wrote a book for complete beginners, which I use for the beginners courses, and in case you want to have the paper's version, you can get it on Amazon.

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    Organisations often use our site to help their employees improve their language skills. This course is ideal for busy employees as they can learn from their home or office at times that suit them. Prices are very reasonable and we can sometimes offer bulk discounts. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected].

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